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  • Thaleia Dasberg

Selected Poems

By Thaleia Dasberg



over milkwashed fields

plucking feathers off

corn stalks bleeding

I watch you steam

you smoked thing

boots freezing

under a stomach hot

with buried spring


“sarasota (next to walmart)”


home after breakfast

and before dinner

home after the 99 cent store

became the dollar store

home after my running shoes

ran off for the last time

you cupped my face like something small

i am smaller than last week it’s true

about bones in cold weather

they shrink

you cried into the sheets

i washed earlier


you cried into night starved fingers

dawn a swollen purple

it was only this morning I left you

it was only this morning I forgot you


“summered dusk”


decided to ride along

the river

phantom pedaling

the water almost waved

curving back like remote

lights in hot pursuit

freedom and

the most loneliness

i can take

the river is my healing

maybe that’s where my florida

shines through:

water soothes

my eyes leaking

and wind licking


these days


merge into a blue

raspberry stained tongue

my hair suddenly

feels feminine


fanning in shadows

framing my shoulders

reminding me

beauty is in

good music


free rides

citrus craved (and fulfilled)

annotations (smart)



I thought:

Life is just one form of heartbreak after another. And then what we learn in between. How we

shift breath patterns. Or learn to find peace in the rush. Grass takes root in our tooth gaps.

We smile. We know we are beautiful.


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