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Bwecommendations, May 2022

Fun flourishes in the spring.

Illustration by Lyla Trilling

Claire Shang, Editor in Chief: Gordon Matta-Clark, “Splitting.” Britney Spears, “Tom’s Diner” remix.

Sylvie Epstein, Managing Editor: Attending Surf, Turf, & Earth with Literary Editor Ben Mo. Billie Marten, “Liquid Love.”

Tarini Krishna, Publisher: Minx (HBO Max). Cucumber gimlet at Flowershop.

Daniel Seizer, Publisher: The game Assassin. Learning bridge via Youtube.

Madi Hermann, Illustrations Editor: Grimes, “California.” Sharing JJ’s “chicken” nuggets with Staff Writer Kelsey Kitzke.

Annie Poole, Layout Editor: Açaí bowls. Grown Ups (2010).

Eliza Rudalevige, Literary Editor: Xochitl Gonzalez, “Money Still Can’t Buy Cool.” My Stephen King Funko Pop.

Grace Adee, Senior Editor: Super Paper Mario (2007).

Dominy Gallo, Senior Editor: Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West, Love Letters. Britney Spears’ discography.

Cy Gilman, Senior Editor: Bill Buford, “Good Bread.” The subway scene in Inside Llewyn Davis (2013).

Chloë Gottlieb, Senior Editor: Chateau Diana, Duane Reade-label wine product. Being just a little late to a 10:10 (coffee in hand).

Nicole Kohut, Senior Editor: Don’t burn out in college because nobody cares.

Brooke McCormick, Senior Editor: Japanese Breakfast, Jubilee. Cardamom lemon jam ice cream at Morgenstern’s.

Sam Needleman, Senior Editor: Milano Market!!!!! Washington Phillips.

Victor Omojola, Senior Editor: Melancholia (2011). Morton Williams sushi.

Sophie Poole, Senior Editor: Metro Diner breakfast—two eggs sunny side up, sausage, whole grain toast, coffee with milk. Sheila Heti, “We Need the Eggs: On Annie Hall, Love, and Delusion.”

Hailey Ryan, Senior Editor: Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022). Starting a book club with your friends.

Michael Colton, Staff Writer: Steely Dan, Gaucho. Knxwledge, 1988.

Margaret Connor, Staff Writer: Klaus Mann, Mephisto. Thomas Mann, Doctor Faustus.

Andrea Contreras, Staff Writer: Jorge Ben Or, “Cinco Minutos (Five Minutes)”. Scathing vibe assessment of WSP crowd on sunny days.

Sadia Haque, Staff Writer: Business Proposal (Netflix). Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

Kelsey Kitzke, Staff Writer: Sheila Heti, Motherhood. Bedouine, Bedouine. Cow (2022).

Miska Lewis, Staff Writer: Dijon, “Rodeo Clown.” Pineapple fried rice. The greens in front of Earl.

Justin Liang, Staff Writer: Sally Wen Mao, Oculus. Francis Poulenc, “Sonate pour clarinette et piano.”

Will Lyman, Staff Writer: Prince, Lovesexy. Drinking water in the sun. Saying “good vibes.”

Becky Miller, Staff Writer: Old Enough! (Netflix). Grown Ups (2010).

Anna Patchefsky, Staff Writer: Slow Horses (Apple TV+).

Dariya Subkhanberdina, Staff Writer: Julie Otsuka. Vendredi sur Mer, “La femme à la peau bleue.”

Muni Suleiman, Staff Writer: Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, A Treatise on Stars. Seasonally and celestially themed earrings.

Sona Wink, Staff Writer: Nathan Fielder, “Thin Watermelon.”

Oonagh Mockler, Staff Illustrator: Dario Marianelli & Jean-Yves Thibaudet, “Dawn.” Hot Chocolate, “You Sexy Thing.”

Jace Steiner, Staff Illustrator: Cherry blossoms, warm coffee, cool breeze. “Live Moon Jelly Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium” (YouTube).

Betel Tadesse, Staff Illustrator: Sucker Punch (2011). Antônio Carlos Jobim, “Waters of March.” Walks in Riverside.

Phoebe Wagoner, Staff Illustrator: 😭

Maya Weed, Staff Illustrator: The Kinks, “This Time Tomorrow.” T.H. White, The Book of Merlyn. Throwbacks.

After speaking with Eliza Rudalevige, Professor Denise Cruz had some bwecs to share. Check out their Conversation!


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