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Bwecommendations, December 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Media we think you would enjoy—but likely not as much as The Blue and White Magazine.

Claire Shang, Editor-in-Chief: Participating and reveling in The Blue and White Magazine (applications open in January!).

Sylvie Epstein, Managing Editor: Alvvays, “Atop a Cake.” Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal’s historic engagement. Never leaving the house without a scarf.

Kat Chen, Digital Editor: Making Harrod’s hot chocolate with a friend. Jackie Kay, Trumpet. Piggybacking. Friendship crossovers via FaceTime. Mac Miller, K.I.D.S.

Tarini Krishna, Publisher: U. S. Girls, “4 American Dollars.” Allen Ginsberg, America.

Hart Hallos, Illustrations Editor: Hole, Celebrity Skin. Bad Girls Club Season 7 (Oxygen), for those who yearn for the days of large silver phone and tiny silver trash can.

Madeleine Hermann, Illustrations Editor: Smoked scamorza cheese. Madison Cunningham, “Life According To Raechel.” Red Baron Ink for first time nose piercings.

Annie Poole, Layout Editor: Kerry James Marshall, “EXQUISITE CORPSE: This Is Not The Game” (Jack Shainman Gallery).

Benjamine Mo, Literary Editor: Malaysia Grill. Open window/always-on heater combo. First sip of warm apple cider.

Eliza Rudalevige, Literary Editor: Trader Joe’s yellow cling peach halves. Haley Blais, “Coolest fucking bitch in town.” Business casual.

Grace Adee, Senior Editor: Sex and the City (HBO).

Dominy Gallo, Senior Editor: Katherine Mansfield, Strange Bliss. Farmers market garden veggie soup.

Anouk Jouffret, Senior Editor: The Last Movie Stars (2022). The Band, The Last Waltz.

Kelsey Kitzke, Senior Editor: Waxahatchee, Cerulean Salt. Florist, Florist. A cream-based soup. Insisting I’m not cold, my face just gets red easily.

Victor Omojola, Senior Editor: Steve Monite, Only You. Caleb Azumah Nelson, Open Water. Ramy Season 4 (Hulu).

Sona Wink, Senior Editor: That first bin of apples at the farmers market (best apple you’ll ever have).

Iris Chen, Staff Writer: Rachel Cusk, Outline. Decision to Leave (2022).

Andrea Contreras, Staff Writer: Elliott Smith, Figure 8. Juan Rulfo, Pedro Páramo.

Schuyler Daffey, Staff Writer: One-star reviews on Goodreads for the gossip. Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life.

Stephen Dames, Staff Writer: Σtella, Up and Away. Nicolás Medina Mora, “In Praise of the Terrorist.” Elaine Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just. Solitaire.

Adrienne deFaria, Staff Writer: $25 tattoos. Going home. Rage listening to Drake’s new album.

Amogh Dimri, Staff Writer: Find the Kiss Supper Club @findthekiss. Gal Costa, “Quando Você Olha Pra Ela.”

Sadia Haque, Staff Writer: Taylor Swift, Midnights. Abbott Elementary Season 2 (ABC). Trader Joe’s sea salt brownie bites.

Josh Kazali, Staff Writer: Alison Bechdel, Fun Home. Honeycrisp apples from the farmers market on Broadway (life-changing). Hirokazu Kore-eda.

Molly Leahy, Staff Writer: Hozier, Hozier. Karaoke. Hozier and karaoke.

Will Lyman, Staff Writer: Opening a fortune cookie from Panda Express each morning as if it were a personal horoscope.

Molly Murch, Staff Writer: Wolf Alice, “Formidable Cool.” Miracle Thai Express. Scarves.

Briani Netzahuatl, Staff Writer: Men I Trust, “Tailwhip.” Chai sugar cookies.

Anna Patchefsky, Staff Writer: Nick Lowe, “I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass.”

Siri Storstein, Staff Writer: Maggie Rogers, “I’ve Got a Friend.” Wool socks.

Muni Suleiman, Staff Writer: “Love in the Digital Era,” Generational Anxiety (PBS). MARIS, “Heavenly Bodies.” November Scorpios.

Jazmyn Wang, Staff Writer: The New York Giants. Miso soup and white rice.

Lolo Dederer, Staff Illustrator: John Craigie, Abbey Road Lonely. Buying yourself a can of whipped cream. Dressing like your mom.

Watson Frank, Staff Illustrator: SSRIs. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Deleting All Social Media. Erykah Badu, “U Don’t Have To Call.”

Jorja Garcia, Staff Illustrator: Djo, Decide. Triangle of Sadness (2022). Deleting Instagram. Not having a winter coat.

Phoebe Wagoner, Staff Illustrator: “My Ephemeral and Needlessly Queer Youth: a collage collection by Milton Friedman” (now available in Barnard Zine Library!)


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