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Blue Book, November 2020

How to Do Fall Like a Brooklyn Alt-Indie Chick.

The complete guide to looking like you’ve attended every LCD Soundsystem show.

By Malia Simon.

The pumpkin spice latte-drinking, UGG boots-donning Basic White Girl is a mere relic of the past. In her place is a new archetype that comes from the “underground” scene of anything you’ve ever heard of. To be clear, she is without a doubt much cooler than me. But that won’t stop me from trying to replicate her entire being in a short list of aesthetic motifs. Here’s everything you need to tackle the season like your favorite semi-Twitter-famous icons.

  1. Jackets that just keep getting bigger + corduroy pants.

  2. Playlist with some made-up word in the title, like “nightroom.”

  3. Loneliness tweets ( if loneliness is not currently being experienced).

  4. Male movie character Halloween costume.

  5. Tote bag that’s self-referential about being a tote bag.

  6. “Socially distant” hangouts on fire escape.

  7. Reductress internship application.

  8. Tweets about Reductress internship application.

  9. Whatever cool type of beer you guys drink, but in 30-degree weather.

  10. Rooftop comedy shows in the dark.

  11. Mirror selfies in which you look kind of mad.

  12. Laughter at this and similar lists, because you’re just that cool Brooklyn alt-Indie chick. <3


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