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Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The Blue and White has gathered the impressive local and veteran knowledge of its members to bring you the following guide to NYC. A lot of Columbians will have their opinions on the best places for certain spots about town, yet we nd them all too cliched and lackluster for our liking. Therefore we present The Blue and White city guide, a collection of our favorite haunts, hideaways and hangouts. Enjoy!

The Most Magical Place in NYC

Times Square—Here, fairytale neon lights and charming locals join forces for a magical display of New York’s unique spirit!

Authentic New York

Westchester—Ask anyone from Westchester and they’ll tell you they live in the heart of the Big City.

Most Diverse

Upper East Side—Discover all the 50 shades of wasp.

Least Gentrified

Morningside Heights—There’s still one bodega somewhere in the vicinity—allegedly.


Soho—$6 for a latte? Steal!

Best Suburb


Best Hotel in New York

Trump International Hotel—from the moment you lay eyes on its aggressive, all-black, grimy interior, you know you’re staying at a hospitable place.

Best Place for IDs

Ferris Booth Lounge—no matter how weathered your ID, all you need to do is present it to get into this swank lounge for those in-the-know. (Yeah, sorry, we really struggled on this one.)

Most fun Place in New York

Wall Street—this iconic New York lane is just begging for The Beatles to stroll down it! Sparks of vibrant color in the form of a red power tie or an equally red MAGA hat keep this place cheerful all summer long! And the local residents have a unique culture that you could just fall in love with every day. Wake up early to enjoy peak fun hours.


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