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Cover, November 2020

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The cover for this issue was made by nine of the Blue and White’s illustrators.

The outline, made to resemble a stained-glass window, was created by Lilly Cao. Stained-glass windows themselves are collectives, mosaics that only hold meaning when shards are placed together to create a whole. In this piece, we attempted to display experiences that have shaped this year, our thoughts, and the new ways we have learned to collect.

Lilly Cao: Outline Kate Steiner: BLM Kat Chen: Election, 2020 Madi Hermann: Mask and Keys Julia Lin: California/Australia Wildfires Mwandeyi Kamwendo: Mental Health, SARS Protests Rosaline Qi: Communication Apps  Rea Rustagi: Time Passing, Tik Tok Samia Menon: Lakers, Surgeon


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