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Campus Gossip, Orientation 2015

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


Recently graduated (and gainfully employed) members of CCSC criticized incoming President and VP Policy Ben and Viv over Facebook for not intervening when FLIP was forced to move books out of the IRC due to a “fire hazard.” When approached for comment, a representative from Ben and Viv’s office stated that the two were busy hanging a “RUSH BETA” banner on the outside of the Satow Room.


Two years after a controversial SJP banner was taken down from the front of Barnard Hall, a smaller Black Lives Matter banner was hung in a window of the same building. We eagerly await statements in response from every student group.



A Columbia student attempted to sell a 5-lb. bag of flour in the Facebook group “Free and For Sale” for $20.


Infighting has arisen in activist group No Red Tape over the highly-touted “Enough is Enough” bill. In addition to funding rape crisis centers with $4.5 million and increasing reporting requirements on sexual assault for New York colleges, the bill also gives $4.5 million to the State Police to create a special victims unit. Although NRT pushed for the bill, it received criticism from anti-incarceral activists for supposedly funding the police state.



The Columbia Daily Spectator is rumored to have experienced a few shake-ups on its Managing Board, with its campus news editor, Eye editor-in-chief, events director, and digital features editor reportedly stepping down, and two new “assistant managing editors” ascending the ranks.

Paul, who hosts Trivia night at 1020 on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., works for the NYPD. The man who hosts Trivia night when Paul is out of town is Paul’s partner.


High schoolers staying in Carman for the summer program were forced to use the underground service entrance due to ongoing construction. One resident from a prominent international school reported that the doorway smelled “gross.”



Someone covered the new cameras installed on College Walk with blue tape.


The Lit Hum syllabus shake-up which saw Ovid’s Metamorphoses removed from the list, among other changes, was apparently caused by anxiety over whether students would insist the work come with trigger warnings.


Executive Vice President of University Life Suzanne Goldberg is looking to replace the outgoing Rules Administrator. Among other things, this would make her title longer.



A much-loved former University Senator left his job at McKinsey to run for city council in his hometown. Who said student government doesn’t prepare you for real life?


A frequent Spec opinion contributor on the executive board of pro-Israel group Aryeh wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal about Barnard’s new admissions policy. In it, she referred to Caitlin Jenner as “the former Bruce Jenner” and used “the transgender student” in place of any pronouns.


Meeting with the trustees…it’s easy!


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