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Campus Gossip, December 2018

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Columbia, in its good judgement, has given the space formerly belonging to the Columbia Daily Spectator to the Alumni Development Office and the School of Professional Studies.

Someone decided to play Kerbal Space Program in the back of a Columbia lecture with an external mouse, going boldly where no student has gone before.

Walgreens will be open 24 hours throughout Christmas and New Years, like it was open this Thanksgiving. Reports say these hours were really popular with The Grinch.

If forcing a pledge to eat chemically laced chicken and do knuckle push-ups until they’re crying and bleeding is Lambda Phi Epsilon being tame (apparently compared to other universities), then we really don’t want to know what Lambda is like wild.

The website for the Columbia College Student Council is down at press time; someone might have tried to hack it. We congratulate the hacker on their reported steal of dozens of professional headshots, but in the meanwhile, don’t log in to your UNI through any CCSC link.

Professor Jennifer Hirsh spoke at Princeton in November about her SHIFT survey. She reported that “Drinking is a big part of heterosexual students’ strategies to accrue sexual experiences,” but that “what a student perceives to be the general Columbia drinking culture is often only his experience as a wealthy white man.” She continued to say that access to alcohol and spaces where alcohol is served act as precious social capital at the University.

Everyone having a moral panic over Yale offering emergency contraception in vending machines completely missed Columbia offering $40 emergency contraception in the same way this semester, and Barnard announcing they would do the same thing.

Beta is currently under chapter suspension from Columbia University. Unlike ZBT, Beta alumni own the house, so the brownstone will not be available in the Housing lottery.

The Vandewater Building, which arose from the space JTS sold for $96 million, is now offering showings. If you have a cool $900,000 sitting around, you might be able to get a studio.

Served at Ferris Booth Hall, mashed potatoes served with a tack. Columbia Dining only serves the sharpest arrangements.

Ferris Booth Hall is popular with all populations atColumbia. They even have a section for mice under the fruit stand.

A Columbia College student was treated by CAVA for E. coli after eating mainly at John Jay in days previous.


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