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Campus Gossip, October 2018

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Joel Davis, the former GS student indicted this summer on four pedophilia-related charges, has plead not guilty to all four counts. The next conference on the case will occur over winter break.

The Metropolitan Republican Club of New York invited Gavin McInnes, leader of the white supremacist Proud Boys group, to speak recently, drawing the ire of enough people to warrant protest flyers throughout Hamilton (an admittedly low bar). The event was followed by violence between self-identified Proud Boys and anti-fascist protesters. Those suspected of initiating violence are in the process of being apprehended by the NYPD.

As a result of deductions placed on first-year candidates, effective turnout for the Fall 2018 CCSC elections was reduced from 39 percent to 37 percent. Some of the reductions were for such abhorrent and democracy undermining acts as violating Housing policy and liking the posts of other candidates.

The student-run investment group, Lion Fund, which made appeals to the University Senate for support two years ago, received over 200 applications this Fall. They only accepted 10 people.

A Barnard student made her “finsta” Instagram handle @sianbeilock following Barnard president Sian Beilock’s decision to change hers to @presbeilock. Barnard College reportedly offered the student dining points in exchange for the misappropriated handle. The student declined the offer.

In case you were wondering, the Columbia Directory does not remove the UNIs of dropouts from its rolls. Timothée Chalamet still probably doesn’t check his LionMail, though.

In an unusual turn, the Columbia Daily Spectator managed to scoop Bwog on one of the worst stories for the Marching Band in recent history, an area of coverage in which Bwog has historically led.

The annual spring concert, Bacchanal, is funded with $200K from the student body’s Student Activities Fee. The past year’s budget shows only $80K is reserved for booking musicians for the concert, while over $100K goes to the apparent true artists of the evening: Columbia Public Safety and Facilities staff.

The Senate Commission on Diversity and Inclusion was unable to arrange a meeting with either of the feuding Columbia University College Republicans or the Black Students’ Organization last year during the ‘Free Speech Month’ controversy. Rest assured, Heather Mac Donald, a speaker invited by CUCR to talk about “The Diversity Delusion,” will provide another point of conflict between the clubs for the Commission to work on.

The new Manhattanville campus has everything a University could ask for: housing, auditoriums, exhibit spaces. One thing the architects didn’t plan for? Classrooms, apparently.

Over the summer, the Columbia University Libraries sponsored a graduate student class called “Foundations for Research Computing.” In four minutes, the 80 seat class was completely booked. Over 400 hopeless souls found themselves stuck in the waitlist. And who said librarians were boring?

Columbia Facilities discovered a large beehive behind a set of trash cans outside of Lerner. Although the hive was reportedly removed, little has come in on the ensuing bee housing crisis


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