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Campus Gossip, October 2017

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The newly-hatched SGA Committee for Diversity and Inclusion received 59 applications. It accepted four.

Dean of the School of General Studies, Peter Awn, apparently has not retired yet, following his retirement parties last spring. He was recently seen strolling past Lewisohn Hall in his signature cropped pants and funky socks.

The Yale Daily News has deemed all men at Yale, “overwhelmingly underwhelming in bed.” Spec has made no such claims, so Columbia men are in the clear at press time.

Multiple Barnard RAs have left their posts this year thanks to Res Life’s harsh policies on alcohol use, which discipline RAs who fail to write up underage suitemates, residents, friends and even fellow RAs who consume alcohol.

The New York Post reports former Secretary of State and Democratic Party nominee for the 45th President Hillary Rodham Clinton is in talks with Columbia for a professor position.

Dean James Valentini was spotted taking a photo in front of Alma Mater as protests against Columbia University College Republicans’ speakers list were underway.

Columbia College Student Council named football captain Lord Joshua Hyeamang a “Lord” of Columbia College. How do these people get elected?

The Sig Ep house will be going dry from Spring 2018 in accordance with a vote by their national fraternity.

You can block all of Spectator’s weird advertisements by using an ad blocker. Also useful if you find it annoying that Columbia bankrolls them by buying all of their ads.

The Diana doors are, reportedly, so heavy because they are meant to generate power for the building as they open and close.

During the protests against Tommy Robinson, someone started singing the folk song “This Land is Our Land.” Someone within the crowd called hastily it “manifest destiny shit.”

Superchunk, which is not a scatological pun and who feature Mac McCaughan (CC ‘90) on guitar and vocals, will be playing “The Fest” in Gainesville, FL and are also set to release a new 7” on McCaughan’s own Merge Records benefiting the Southern Poverty Law Center featuring a new song “Break the Glass” and a cover of Corrosion of Conformity’s “Mad World”.

Brown Football is the new Columbia Football, losing 53-0 to Princeton, a team that we handily beat. Speaking of Columbia, the Princeton head coach said, “We are not better than them.”

Ezra Koenig, CC ‘06, created and co-wrote a new anime for Neftlix entitled Neo Yokio. It has a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. He also confirmed in an interview with Pitchfork that Vampire Weekend is working on a new album.w


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