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Campus Gossip, May 2014

Updated: Jul 2, 2021


There is a man living in the Columbia tunnels. Bwog found him sleeping while tunnel touring in the basement.

The water polo team is absurdly in debt. To break even, they are starring as extras in a graduate film student’s project about a young man discovering his sexuality through water polo. A meeting to discuss this was scheduled at Dig Inn. “That’s gay,” said one team member.

Wallach RA drank wine on a school night, was scolded by her freshman ward.


CUCR recently held their annual party called “Ahmedineshots.” Members vying for spots on the club e-board spent most of the party campaigning.

The two outgoing undergraduate University Senators actively campaigned to prevent the remaining undergraduate Senators from replacing them as chairs of the Student Affairs Committee—the primary perk being access to president Bollinger. A trustee’s daughter at the Law School ultimately got the spot.


The Heights came back with an “invitation only” party. How did they know whom to invite?


One cosmopolitan comparative literature professor has tried to seduce quite a few female undergrads and is also responsible for the breakup of at least one marriage.

Many Spectator Managing Board members, and the staff of the Eye, are upset about the decision to reduce print production, especially after the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, and Publisher had already made up their minds about the shift before they told them.

Spec claims financial independence, but under a longstanding agreement between Spec and the University, Columbia provides the paper with large offices on 112th street for free in return for daily university-wide circulation. Whether or not the suite deal will hold up when the paper ceases to be daily remains uncertain.

The Columbia Daily Spectator was never a daily.

One hyper-christian roommate reportedly threw out all her roommate’s sex toys. That shit is expensive.

Three of the DG girls have Calvin Klein underwear models as their dates to their formal.

Budget talks overheard in SGO: “Unless we give them a good cut they’re not going to change.”


“thebwog” gets a lot of dirty Snapchats. And pictures of cats. Some #selfies.

One greek organization rang in Bacchanal with over $500 worth of molly.

40 bacchanal CAVAs? Staffers were paid around $150 for the day. Not worth it.

Summer…it’s short.


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