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Letter From the Editor, April 2018

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The Major League Baseball home opener for my hometown team is April 5th this year. The Yankees take to the diamond on April 2nd—who cares about the Mets, but probably around then as well. For whatever reason, I feel compelled to point out the start of Major League Baseball as the herald of Spring. I would not even consider myself to be a huge baseball fan, but nostalgic memories of bleacher seats on warm nights always come up around this time of year, as school work picks up and I find myself ceaselessly looking forward, dying for the semester to end.

I abhor the feeling of perpetually drowning in homework and assignments, you know, never really caught up, always more you could be doing, horribly sleep-deprived. March 2018 did not exactly go out like a lamb, either. Bleak feelings reach fever pitch around this time every year… but then… Spring weather, Spring baseball, and for me, Spring rowing, come around to make life okay again.

In the last month of the school year, find what makes Spring something special for you. Maybe you will find it in this issue, whether it be Ruthie’s trip to Postcrypt (pg. 14), Gaby’s jaunt to Manhattanville (pg. 13), or Isaiah’s philosophical musings with Professor Moody-Adams (pg. 25). Enjoy the sunshine on the Steps and if you’re anything like me, stop wishing for the year to be over. Yanks tickets are only 15 bucks right now, so enjoy a relaxing afternoon of America’s pastime. Whatever you do to celebrate—damn, there is something about Spring.

— Caroline Hurley


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