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Butler Banner Project Update

Read our original article here, from April 2019.

After being postponed in March 2019, the Butler Banner Project will finally launch on October 1st, and will host events for the rest of the semester. Rads Mehta (CC’22) and Gustie Owens (BC’22), two pioneers for the project, have informed The Blue and White that they have taken advantage of the delay, organizing 24 events and workshops all over campus and confirming the attendance of esteemed Columbia faculty, CEOs, and authors. Since speaking to them in March, The Butler Banner Project Committee has gotten the opportunity to collaborate with other resources on campus, such as the Rare Books and Manuscripts sector of Butler Library. The RBML is providing materials previously hidden from the public eye, such as Toni Morrison’sletter to the Publisher of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which criticizes Oompa Loompas as the most offensive thing to grace 20th Century literature, culminating in display cases for each author that is featured on this year’s banner. Other events will also feature previous iterations of the Butler Banner Project, the actual 1989 banner, and a written report from Mr. Nicolhas Murray Butler and other architects of the library discussing which men would be engraved on Butler’s iconic facade. While the banner will be taken down over winter break, the committee hopes that it will inspire conversations and build a consciousness around the Western Canon and how it does or does not reiterate Columbia’s values. In the meantime, you can participate simply by viewing the banner as you walk to class, or discussing it with your peers.


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