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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

By Jacob Snyder

Required Texts: • Paul Henri, A Summary of Ethnic Conflict in Eastern Iran (1983) • Nicole Brown Simpson, The Autobiography of Nicole Simpson (1996) • Unknown, Sefer Yetzirah (c. 2nd Century) • Ben Jonson, Bartholomew Fair (1614)

Recommended Reading: • Roger Bacon, Opus Majus (1267) • Annals of the American Association of Oral Pathologists (1911-2019) • Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1531) • John Dean, The Congressional Testimony of Former White House Counsel John W. Dean on the Watergate Affair (1973) • Nancy Kerrigan, The Translated Voynich Manuscript (2019) • Various, The Complete Contents of The Great Library at Alexandria (c. 300 BC – 136 AD) • Nur-kubi, An Account of She-Goatsin the Custody of Eluti, Son of Eitrum (c. 3100 BC) • Keith Arnold, Transcripts of John Wayne’s Conversations with Classmates while Attending Glendale Union High School, 1921-1925 (1971) • Hawaii Dept. of Health, Certificate of Live Birth of Barack Hussein Obama (1961) • Proceedings of the Execution of Charles I of England (1649) • Helen Keller, The Frost King (1891)

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Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
May 22

These are the documents and textbooks I was looking for. Thank you for sharing these textbooks with me. geometry dash

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