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  • Jacob Snyder


Updated: Mar 1, 2021

By Jacob Snyder

Are you easily fatigued?

Are you often disorganized or indecisive?

Do you experience recurrent disturbances in appetite?

Do you find waking up and getting out of bed to be two distinct negotiations?

Are you frustrated by a diminished vocabulary?

Do you find it difficult to relate to friends or family suffering from terminal illness?

Are you troubled by feelings of impermanence?

Do you yearn for an element of mysticism in your life?

Do you find it difficult to identify some kernel of the self?

Do you avoid large crowds?

Do you worry about the rise of ultra-nationalism at home and abroad?

Are you frequently irritated by unenthusiastic greetings from peers or coworkers?

Are you drawn to places of significant class tension, such as airports or art galleries?

Do you lack confidence in your opinions about ballet?

Are you often suspicious of friends or family?

Are you usually unsatisfied by sleep?

Are you unsure whether you are—finally, outrageously—okay?


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