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Letter From the Editor, Orientation 2017

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

By David Alexander Swanson

To the Class of 2021, allow me to be the 600th to welcome you to our hallowed halls, and to be the first to not follow up my welcome with a needlessly long workshop designed to absolve me of any legal blame, or to awkwardly draw out our forced conversation as we’re trapped in a crowded elevator.

Columbia, for all its reputation, is a place of unbridled opportunity. You will nd here any society you might imagine, no matter how quirky, no matter how obscure. I implore you, as the veteran of three quick years, to take advantage of all on offer, embrace all aspects of our school’s cherished diversity, and to have neither embarrassment nor reservation in picking whatever activity or community you best t in with— especially if that community happens to be our zany collection of authors, poets, artists, and comedians: The Blue and White. Morningside Heights is home to many a campus magazine and paper, but we are unequivocally and unabashedly literary top dog. Look out for our finely printed pages and beautifully balanced sentences three times a semester.

As a brief introduction to this issue: those of you interested in campus journalism should peruse pages seventeen and eighteen, while those who prefer a more lighthearted read will enjoy pages ten and eleven. And then for those fans of creative writing there’s page 22, for those who like celebrities there’s pages 27 through 32, and for you omnivores, our whole issue is yours for the reading. The Blue and White is a celebration of our diverse literary and artistic passions; we truly hope you enjoy our work, and that you have nothing but auspicious starts on the path ahead!

To everyone else reading this: Commiserations— only four months until December.


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