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Have a penchant for pontification? A wayward doodling pen? Would you describe yourself as "droll"? Perhaps you love to hear yourself talk. Perhaps you wrote your personal statement about your love affair with the em dash. Maybe you mastered the art of proper comma placement (you didn't). Maybe you have a print subscription to The New Yorker you totally didn't get only for the tote bag (you did). Or, after all, you might just want some artifact of your intelligence to send home to your mom besides that B+ English paper she's still got stuck with a Grand Canyon magnet to the fridge.

Whoever you are, welcome. We look forward to reading your application. Browse our latest issue in print or hop over to our website for a highlights reel before you embark, as we're not your mother's magazine—there's a lot of lingo to learn. And show us, most of all, that you love what you do enough to do it a lot. The hours are long but the product, beautiful.

Apply here.


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