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  • Benjamin DuBow

Broken for Love

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Benjamin DuBow

I saw the Taj Mahal before it saw the Sun and noticed, in the fragile light of dawn, that it was crying.

“Why, O Taj, do you cry,” I asked.

But the Taj did not answer, for it is made of stone.

Rather than ask again, I closed my eyes and listened. Beneath the stomping feet and chirping birds, I could hear it: a slow and somber song, just a hum away from silence. Like the song that all things sing—only different. I hummed along, adding my own tune to the mix. We stayed like that for a while, the Taj and I, when all of a sudden it opened one eye and stared into my soul.

“You sing the song of silence softly, Little One. How did you learn this tune?”

“I listened, O Taj, to the sound beneath the sounds.”

It rumbled in response; I held my silent hum. And then it spoke once more.

“I cry because I love the Moon,” it said, just as the Sun started peeking out the sky.

I paused.

“But it’s only a day till you see her again,” I then answered.

It sighed.

“Half an eternity is still an eternity. And, I must confess, that is not the true problem.”

It paused. I held my breath. It blinked and then continued: “She and I, we both are made

of stone, you see. And yet while she is always on the move, always changing, here I am, perpetually at rest.”

“Was not it always so?” I asked.

“No. Before my bones were broken from the earth, I moved in concert with the Moon—slowly, yes, but still I moved. In increments. But now, from myself divided, I cannot so much as scratch my ear.”

“Do you have an ear in need of scratching?” I asked.

“No,” it said, “but still.”


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