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Digitalia Columbiana, October 2014

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

These excerpts were culled from documents left on Columbia’s lab computers. We encourage our readers to submit their own digitalia finds to us, via email, at

‘At Pilates Style, I write health and lifestyle articles. My most recent article was evaluating a study that proved that more sleep=less motivation to work out!

‘I have always been a huge fan of books that choose specific historical moments to capture as their main subjects and I recently read The Love Affairs of Nathaniel and thought wow! This is the quintessential satire of today’s hipster culture. Waldman’s voice is witty and fresh and she somehow manages to give even the most pretentious—not to mention misogynist—character a sympathetic edge, which I respect. As someone who is particularly drawn to sweeping romance novels, this book was a wake-up call to today’s detached dating scene.’


‘The relationship between this man and this woman calls out to something primal in a viewer. It is the most important focus in the photo. It is the only focus, really. The kind of physical intimacy they exhibit is something to be envied…They are very clearly lovers, as that kind of comfort only won through physical intimacy. Further, they seem to be alone together at the beach, which given the time period and their age, probably means they are in a serious relationship…If these two are so clearly in love to a casual observer, are you? When you go out with your lover, do people stop and stare at the beauty of your casual interactions? …Is the way a viewer sees this couple’s relationship dependent on the weather of the day?"


‘Prior to the age of printing, bookz and manuscripts were extremely prone to human error.’


‘Interesting Thoughts: Lecture 1

Throughout the lecture, I found multiple things very interesting. First, the idea that prosopagnosia exists seemed very interesting…Also, the connection of the different cortexes to psychological functions made a connection in my head.’


By a freshman linebacker:

A controversial topic that has been discussed in the readings is the reason for student-athletes to be admitted into these prestigious colleges. I believe student-athletes contribute enough to the respected universities they attend, which should grant them the required qualifications to earn admissions.

Student-athletes should be allowed entrance into these famous institutions because they contribute the same amount, if not more to these colleges they attend. They are practically treated like indentured servants because they go work for a company/ college by doing well in sports and in return they receive a skill/education. Student-athletes have practices, meetings, and games they participate in and receive no monetary compensation for these actions. Also, they are required to maintain a certain GPA to be able to partake in athletic events.

On top of all this, each student-athlete is held to a higher standard than other students that attend college.

These athletes also contribute a different perspective on a topic discussed in classes because they have unique experiences.

Student-athlete by definition puts their academics before their athletics.


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