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Digitalia Columbiana December 2017

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

These excerpts were culled from documents left on Columbia’s lab computers. We encourage our readers to submit their own digitalia finds to us, via email, at

Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 10:57 AM



New York, NY

Were you at SigNu last night? Did you take a green Ralph Lauren jacket w/ fur hood that wasn’t yours? Plz return !!! It was a brand new bday gift from my mom!

(sentimental value priceless, srry not a buy sell trade post but willing to trade for something <3 )


From a seminar syllabus: “Use of cellphones, smart phones, tablets, etc. is prohibited in class. It is also rude, insulting to the professor and speakers, and distracting to the students (especially the one texting). This is so obvious on so many levels that it should never cross your minds to send or read text messages in class, nor should there be need to mention it on an Ivy-League syllabus; you have been selected, after all, for your preternatural sense of self-denial in the face of a promise of deferred gratification. Yet, just in case you or your classmates fall prey to intemperance, here is the official cell-phone policy: for every instance that a student is observed texting in class (and I can tell, because it is obvious— you are not fooling anyone by staring down at your lap, which is in fact not so interesting that it deserves a staring upon), s/he will receive an F (0%) for the day. Every additional instance of texting after the first will result in the Preparation and Participation grade dropping by one unit (e.g. from B to B-). Now take a hard look at the percentage of the final grade represented by Preparation and Participation.”


Canada Goose Kensington Coat – Size 0-2 – Graphite


New York, NY

Hello, I’m selling a Canada Goose women’s Kensington coat in Graphite Grey. It’s fairly new (purchased last winter for $900) and will fit women’s american sizes 0-2. If you’re less than 115 pounds and an A-cup it should work. The color is grey. Price is negotiable. It does not include the fur trim on the hood.

Fair warning: if you have big boobs, it will feel tight. In fact, I’m selling it because I realized its gotten a bit too tight around the chest area this year. This is ideal for an A-cup.

It’s pretty new, but the price is negotiable.


Dear Members of the Barnard Community,

As classes begin for the new semester, we wanted to share some important information about approved animals on campus.

Different rules apply for each type of approved animal, which are outlined below.

Emotional Support Animals:

– are only approved to be within an individual student’s assigned room within the residence halls and to enter/exit the building to leave campus.

– are not permitted to be petted or cared for by another student other than the animal’s owner on campus or in any campus buildings.

– are not permitted to attend classes or any on- or off-campus Barnard events.

Service Animals:

– are working animals who are needed to serve a specific purpose for their owners.

– are permitted to accompany their owners anywhere on campus as long as that does not pose safety concerns for the animals.


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