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Campus Gossip, December 2015

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


A B&W editor was invited to a Facebook event titled “Quench His Thirst One Last Time: Brad Badgley’s Going Away Drinks.” Badgley is the outgoing Greek Life director.


A class called Vacation—call number 29278—is unlisted in the directory but open to registration. It has no points or meeting time.


Former CCSC President Peter Bailinson recently spoke at a Columbia Economics Society career panel. Heavy lies the crown of McKinsey campus outreach.


The theme for a recent party at Delta Psi was S&M. Over at Fiji was ‘Champagne and Shackles.’


A “dance/stripper pole” is being sold on a community Facebook group for $75 OBO. Pickup near Columbia.


In response to Carman 13’s Trans Awareness Month bulletin board being torn down four times, residence hall leadership put up an installation explaining the vandalism in the lobby that states “HATE HAPPENS AT COLUMBIA.” To its right is the torn bulletin board, encased in glass.


The private Buy | Sell | Trade at Barnard Facebook group regularly hosts posts bemoaning how XS clothes are just too big. A group named “Fat Buy Sell Trade,” the name the subject of some dispute, launched in response. They recently held a clothes swap event, entitled “So Thick Everyone at BST is So Uncomfortable.” It’s for sizes 6 and up. Gird your loins.


The group behind the Barnard winter housing petition is called Barnard College Student Coalition for Financially Insecure Students (For Students, By Students). Or, to our campus alphabet soup of acronyms, BCSCfFIS(FS,BS).


Camille’s is due to be replaced by an arts and crafts beer hall. The hall, literally called Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, will diversify Columbia’s developing bar scene, which most recently added beer hall Amity Hall, beer hall Bernheim and Schwartz, and beer hall West End Hall.


Deantini, who has run into social media picture problems before, changes his profile picture with enthusiasm every few days. Recent updates include a photo of a fundraising pamphlet, a Columbia College Student Ambassadors mug, the logo for Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs, and a photo of a man who is definitely not him.


Perhaps to remind us that they’re part of the Core, the Phys Ed department has been offering free t-shirts to seniors who’ve fulfilled the requirement. The back of the shirts feature the words “DIDN’T DROWN” in large text.


After being rendered obsolete by PawPrint, Print@ CU briefly displayed a thank you note to students for using the site. The URL now redirects to a Filipino offshoring company.


From the smell wafting through the hallways, a Hogan suite seems to, inspired by Pith, have opened up a Yankee Candle shop.


Spotted: One of Gayatri Spivak’s assistants with a Lanvin bag.


Disobedience…it isn’t always civil!


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