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Bwecommendations, April 2021

Updated: May 5, 2021

Cultural miscellany, faithfully compiled by the staff. But this time, it’s April.

Dominy Gallo, Editor-in-Chief: J. M. Coetzee, Foe. Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things. The Buttertones, “Orpheus Under the Influence.” Lupin, “Vampire.” The Japanese House, “Saw You In A Dream.” Ella Fitzgerald, “Mr. Paganini - Live at the Crescendo.” Concerned friends advising me to “go to bed just a little bit earlier”; ignoring them.

Lyla Trilling, Managing Editor: Laura Dern in Smooth Talk, The Kabbalah, Troye Sivan’s Architectural Digest Tour, The OC Season 2, Episode 6, “The Chrismukkah that Almost Wasn’t.”

Hailey Ryan, Publisher: 12 Chairs Cafe on MacDougal Street. Kind Bar ice cream. Honey-infused goat cheese. Shiva Baby by Emma Seligman. 90-Day Fiance on Hulu. Gluten-free crackers and pretzels (they are extra crunchy).

Samia Menon, Illustrations Editor: She-ra and The Princesses of Power (2018) on Netflix. Hula hoops. Marbled midi-skirts. Homemade miso soup, with extra me ;). Autozone establishments on rainy days in Baltimore, in particular. The Psychedelic Furs, "Love My Way." Pointing at a helicopter and saying (with gumption), “Is that Joe?”

Chase Cutarelli, Director, The Blue Jay: Noam Chomsky and Marv Waterstone, Consequences of Capitalism (2020). VelociPastor (2018), directed by Brendan Steere.

Illustration by Lyla Trilling

Gaby Edwards, Literary Editor: The cover of “Lola” by the Raincoats. Andrea Lawlor, Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl. Wine from Slovenia.

Benjamine Mo, Literary Editor: The Chairs (“Maybe Maybe” on repeat!). Korean corn dogs. Tracking new buds on my favorite tree.

Kat Chen, Assistant Literary Editor: Bee and Puppycat.

Mary Elizabeth Dawson, Senior Editor: Ela Minus, acts of rebellion. Gin.

Sylvie Epstein, Senior Editor: Molly Baz, Cook this Book. Zoë Kravitz, Don’t. Dinner at Moustache on Bedford St. Following my high school teachers on Twitter.

Elizabeth Jackson, Senior Editor: Gardening (indoor or outdoor plants). Emily Hunt Kivel, Restful Creatures. Jeffrey Rosen, Conversations with RBG. Boxed Annie’s vegan mac and cheese. Signing Center for Biological Diversity petitions to protect endangered species.

Nicole Kohut, Senior Editor: Brie (cheese, not Larson). Little Alley in Murray Hill (the only reason you should be in Murray Hill). John Cooper Clarke, “I Wanna Be Yours.”

Brooke McCormick, Senior Editor: Still Processing podcast. Couples Therapy (Showtime). Bernardine Evaristo, Girl, Woman, Other.

Zoe Metcalfe, Senior Editor: Cool brew. Drunk texting your crush. The Bee Gees, “More than a Woman.” Solar Opposites (Hulu). Carmen Machado, In the Dream House.

Sam Needleman, Senior Editor: Clarice Lispector. Rachel Kushner’s review of Clarice Lispector. Texting Sophie Poole about Clarice Lispector.

Sophie Poole, Senior Editor: Reading Clarice Lispector at the same time as Sam Needleman.

Eliza Rudalevige, Senior Editor: The $2 omelette croissant sandwich from Matto. Frank O’Hara, Lunch Poems. Using Pitbull lyrics as Instagram captions. Béla Fleck. Well-lit rooms. Not having a summer internship.

Claire Shang, Senior Editor: Time to Say Goodbye podcast. The poetry of John Clare. Listening to my 8,058 liked songs on shuffle as a musical jambalaya. Phone calls instead of Zooms.

Michael Colton, Staff Writer: Femdot, “Bishop Ford.” Wale’s NPR Tiny Desk extended set. Documentary Now! Season 2, Episodes 6 and 7: “Mr. Runner Up: My Life as an Oscar Bridesmaid” Parts 1 & 2. People Just Do Nothing Season 1 (Netflix).

Gabriel Garon, Staff Writer: Halsey, Maniac.

Cy Gilman, Staff Writer: Frederic Rzewski, “36 Variations on ¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!”. Various renditions of the original “El Pueblo.” Henri Lefebvre, The Missing Pieces. Mr. Robot (USA/Amazon Prime).

Chloë Gottlieb, Staff Writer: Trader Joe’s Vegetable Fried Rice (add an egg!).

Jaden Jarmel-Schneider, Staff Writer: My Octopus Teacher. The Scholarly works of Immanuel Kant. Werner Herzog saying, “You must never listen to this!” like a buffoon in the first half of Grizzly Man. Sándor Márai, Embers.

Chloe Kok, Staff Writer: “Pachinko” by Min Jin Lee

Tarini Krishna, Staff Writer: Jamaica Kincaid, “Flowers of Evil.” Michelle Zauner, Crying in H Mart. Japanese Breakfast, “Posing in Bondage.” Bon Appetit’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Homemade dumplings from scratch.Dua Lipa feat. Prakriti Kakar & Sukriti Kakar, “Levitating [Amaal Malik Remix].” Alice Neel exhibition at The Met. Hot pink nail polish. Yellow sundresses.

Willa Neubauer, Staff Writer: All of Daniel Johnston. Jeffrey Eugenides, “Bronze,” read by him. The Last Picture Show. Harry Dean Stanton singing “Everybody’s Talkin’” half-dead. Brangelina custody battle updates on Yahoo.

Victor Omojola, Staff Writer: Atlantics (Netflix). Ramy (Hulu). "Ghariba" a song by Amar (from Ramy season 2, episode 1). CRY 4 HELP, an EP by Kari Faux.

Claire Schweitzer, Staff Writer: The Morning Toast podcast.

Styvalizh Uribe, Staff Writer: Paul Simon, “50 Ways to Leave your Lover.”

Jenna Yuan, Staff Writer: Mary Retta, “on vibing.”

Samantha Sacks, Podcast Contributor: The WeWork doc on Hulu. AD’s tour of Troye Sivan’s Victorian-Era Melbourne Home.

Hart Hallos, Staff Illustrator: Deadlifting at the gym, wearing tank tops with denim overalls.

Kate Steiner, Staff Illustrator: Screaming at the sun. Kissing the moon passionately.

Aeja Rosette, Staff Illustrator: assigning all of your friends muppets and forcing them to dress up for a MuppetParty™️.

Rea Rustagi, Staff Illustrator: Angel Olsen, "Strange Cacti." Ruff Criminal on YouTube. Reverting back to your 12-year-old self.

Maya Weed, Staff Illustrator: The National Theatre’s new Romeo & Juliet film. Listening to “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams” à la Preservation Hall under a cherry blossom tree.

Daniel Seizer, Assistant Publisher: Taylor Swift re-records. Allison P. Davis, “The End of Kimye.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Season 20 (available on Hulu and Netflix).


Now that you’ve added to your summer to-do list, it’s time to spill the campus tea. You don’t want to return back home for the summer without any juicy campus gossip, do you?

Our favorite Columbia drop-out, Timothée Chalamet, was spotted with on-again-off-again girlfriend Lily Rose Depp at the Hungarian Pastry Shop. The first-years caught scaling Hartley have officially been diagnosed with pandemic-induced party-withdrawal—an unquenchable desire to shotgun Travis Scott’s new hard seltzer is the main symptom to look out for. Chelsea Clinton volunteers at the Armory every Saturday; rumor has it if you slip her a 20 she will give you the highly sought-after Covid and political immunity combo. The pack of rabid raccoons at 108-street have a new rival—the unaccompanied, roaming horse of Central Park.


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