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  • Adam Glusker

A History of Glitter

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

By Adam Glusker

a cockroach emerges from a pile of golden-leaf glitter. he wonders if the shiny things he emerged from correspond to what he will need to survive. he fucks rationality and devours the reflected light anyways, eating as much as he can fit into his mouth until he’s satiated. as a consequence, he dies an agonizing death from the glitter’s poison: a toxic plastic. his decomposing corpus is stepped on, over and over again, squashed, minced, spread, and delineated into such miniscule parts that one can no longer discern him from the very glittering poison that caused his demise. the glitter gets swept up (as best as it can be) in preparation for the next intoxication, the cockroach amongst it, joining it in its revelry.


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