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The Blue and White

The December Issue

Illustration by Jorja Garcia


Editorial Board

Claire Shang, CC 24, Editor-in-Chief
Sylvie Epstein, CC 23, Managing Editor
Kat Chen, CC 24, Digital Editor
Tarini Krishna, BC 23, Publisher
Hart Hallos, CC 23, Illustrations Editor
Madeleine Hermann, BC 23, Illustrations Editor 
Annie Poole, BC 24, Layout Editor
Benjamine Mo, CC 23, Literary Editor
Eliza Rudalevige, CC 23, Literary Editor 

Senior Editors

Grace Adee, CC ’22.5

Cole Cahill CC ’23

Dominy Gallo, CC ’23

Anouk Jouffret, BC ’24

Kelsey Kitzke BC ’23

Becky Miller, BC ’24

Victor Omojola CC ’24

Sona Wink BC ’25

Staff Writers

Henry Astor, CC ’24

Zibia Caldwell, BC ’25

Iris Chen, CC ’24

Margaret Connor, BC ’23

Andrea Contreras, CC ’24

Schuyler Daffey, CC ’26

Stephen Dames, CC ’25

Adrienne deFaria, CC ’26

Amogh Dimri, CC ’24

Cat Flores, BC ’25

Sadia Haque, BC ’23

Madison Hu, GS ’24

Josh Kazali, CC ’25
Clara Kraebber, CC ’23

Molly Leahy, BC ’24

Miska Lewis, BC ’24

Will Lyman, CC ’23

Molly Murch, BC ’24
Briani Netzahuatl, CC ’23

Leah Overstreet, CC ’24

Anna Patchefsky, CC ’25

Claire Schweitzer, CC ’24

Siri Storstein, CC ’26

Muni Suleiman, CC ’24

Jazmyn Wang, CC ’25
Dominic Wiharso, CC ’25
Tara Zia, CC ’26

Staff Illustrators

Emma Chen, CC ’26
Lolo Dederer, CC ’24
Watson Frank, CC ’25
Jorja Garcia, CC ’26
Cadence Gonzales, BC ’26

Maca Hepp, CC ’24

Mac Jackson, CC ’24

Alexandra Lopez-Carretero, CC ’25

Vanessa Mendoza, CC ’23

Samia Menon, SEAS  ’23

Oonagh Mockler, BC ’25

Nayeon Park, CC ’26

Amelie Scheil, BC ’25

Betel Tadesse, CC ’25

Phoebe Wagoner, CC ’25


Table of Contents

Letter from the Editor by Claire Shang

Bwecommendations by the Blue and White Staff


Blue Notes

God, It’s Brutal Out Here by Margaret Connor

Who’s Afraid of Roar-ee? by Amogh Dimri

Dog Days at Barnard by Molly Leahy

For the Archives by Stephen Dames

Playing Against Yourself by Jazmyn Wang

Pull Up & Play Right by Becky Miller

Depot of Silence by Adrienne deFaria

The Barnard Baddie of Libraries by Anna Patchefsky

Awaiting an Audience by Molly Murch


Campus Characters

Sophie Paquette by Victor Omojola

Mae Butler by Dominy Gallo


Features and Essays

The Search for Sanctuary by Andrea Contreras and Briani Netzahuatl 

Practicing Permanence by Muni Suleiman

Learning How to Fight by Anonymous

Notes from the Boom Op by Josh Kazali

Sharing Space by Will Lyman

Something Beautiful to Look at Today by Siri Storstein

Expanding English by Tarini Krishna

Curating the Vibe by Dominic Wiharso


Centerfold by Cadence Gonzales



half-sonnet for fusion by Eris Sker

chapel song by Eliza Rudalevige

On the 9:05 Northeast Regional by Zibia Bardin


The Shortcut The T Train by Margaret Connor


The Conversation

Elif Batuman by Cole Cahill

Jennifer Hirsch by Andrea Contreras

Margo Jefferson by Dominy Gallo


ATSL Should I go? by Grace Adee and Sona Wink


Postcard by Hart Hallos and Alexandra Lopez-Carretero

Crossword by Sona Wink

Front Cover by Jorja Garcia

Alex and Hart_Postcard.JPG

Excerpted from The Postcard by Hart Hallos and Alexandra Lopez-Carretero

From Our Staff

For Auld Land Syne ...


Letter from the Editor | December 2022

by Claire Shang

One last time ...


Bwecommendations | December 2022

by The Blue & White Staff

Media we think you would enjoy—but likely not as much as The Blue and White Magazine.


Blue Notes

blue notes

Campus Characters


Features & Essays


The Centerfold


by Cadence Gonzales




The Shortcut

Nayeon Park_T Train.png

The T Train

by Margaret Connor

Illustration by Nayeon Park

The Conversation



Phoebe Wagoner_ATSL.JPG

Should I Go?

Never mind, I’ll find … someone like youuuuuuuu …

by Sona Wink and Grace Adee

Illustration by Phoebe Wagoner


by Alexandra Lopez-Carretero and Hart Hallos

Alex and Hart_Postcard.JPG

“Self-Titled” | The Crossword

by Sona Wink


The Cover

by Jorja Garcia

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