Letter from the Editor

It’s a new semester and a new masthead for the magazine. Just like every campus organization, The Blue
and White
changes and evolves with each turnover. As trite as it may sound, this constant transformation reminds me that our time in college is ephemeral.

Despite the century-old buildings surrounding us, the geography of campus is constantly in flux. Amidst this rapid exchange of e-boards and rosters, our student body has shockingly little institutional memory. Hawkmadinejad, Operation Ivy League, Obamanard, in just a few short years these terms have faded into the distant campus memory–soon to be forgotten completely.

This is not to suggest that our time here is ineffectual or meaningless. There are essential qualities that transcend the fast turnover rate, among those a desire to improve the school for future Columbians. To see how students on the Mental Health Task Force have influenced administrative policies, click here. These are the types of actions that show our capacity to affect change.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life here. There’s always another problem set or discussion post or reading to do. But every so often we need to take a break and go to Tuesday night trivia at 1020, have a late night snack at Roti Roll, or sit on park exedras and take in the views of this city, because ultimately these are the experiences we will reminisce about most.

The purpose of The Blue and White is to document the disparate fragments of life that make our time at
Columbia so vivid, whether they be campus politics and activism or neighborhood oddities. I hope you enjoy our humble attempt to capture this experience.


Channing Prend